Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holes Inside .

Usasa Feeling: Holes Inside .

Holes Inside_Usasa
After So Long, I still love this song so much. It speaks everything :')

Good Night Bunniess :)


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Horny Rabbit_Usasa Animation!

Usasa Art: Horny Usasa ! *SHY*

It's been yearsssss(2months) I dint blog!!!! (due to lazyness of course><)

An animation was done by me for like...few months ago i guess? Trying out with photoshop animation and it ends up like this. Haha!

*Seriously I need to note that this Horny Usasa Buneey stands alone okay? This doesn't link with me because I am not Horny enough ! WAHAHA :P 

Just an animation made for fun! Hope you all like it :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

What's Up Hazy Penang !

Usasa Art: The Haziness of Penang

hazy penang malaysia
Hazy Penang Malaysia

If You don't know what am I talking about, Means That you are not Penang Lang.

If You are Penang Lang but still catch no ball, Means You have to wash your sins already. LOL

Today is a very serious hazy day in Penang. I was really shocked when the time I walked out and get ready to work. It's like, WHO THE HELL IS BURNING SOMETHING FROM NO WHERE?!!

Everyone is feeling sick with this weather.

So, Guys, Thank God for Giving us a clean air instead of THIS everyday. AMEN. LOL! 

Monday, July 4, 2011


Usasa Art: FUCKYOU~

( I apologize for dead from my blog for so long T___T)
Have a Great Night People! XOXO 
Hope You like it :)


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Macarons in Penang, Ritz Cakes & Pastries

 Usasa Gossip: Macarons In Penang,Malaysia

Girls, At last I have found someone selling MACARONS in Penang!!!! ( I knew I am abit Outdated, by the way, Thanks to Missy Joc for the recommendation :P)

Shh,let me tell you some gossip. :P
There's a coffee house in Penang,label that they have macarons but I've went there several times but end up nothing with the excuses of they are still preparing. =.= ( I am not suppose to talk bad things behind people :X)

So, Here's the place that available cute macarons. Tada~~
RITZ CAKES & PASTRIES (Click to visit their website)

Okay, Photos are more valuable than crap :P

As you can see the photo above, the long box of macarons cost Rm15 @ Ritz Cakes & Pastries.

I am so In Love with the yellow one, because the color is so adorable!!!!!!!!! It's just like a Toy :3

Here comes the cute coco, like a small burger. HAHA
If you ask me how's the taste?
I will answer you that, I don't really care about the taste, I just wanna eat it ! HAHAHAHA  xD
 Okay lar,seriously, taste not bad :) as my boy love it too for his first bite. But I think you can't eat too much at a same time because it's quite sweet. It's perfect if it comes together with coffee, but I can't drink coffee so I eat it with H2o ~Hehe

I done some research before I went there and I found out that Ritz Cakes & Pastries is famous with his Green Tea Cake as well. Tada~

Personally I felt it's Okay because I am not really so into Green Tea. If you are green tea lover, You may give it a try :)

So Boys, Please get your ass ready to buy some macarons for your girl and I bet she will give you a HUGE hug and Kisses :P

Girls, What are you waiting for? Hehe

 Ritz Cakes & Pastries
Address: 98-G-23, Prima Tanjung, 
Jalan Fettes, 11200 Penang, Malaysia 
(Opposite Island Plaza)

Contact: 04-8991254


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why Choose Exabytes?

Benefits of Making the Right Choice, EXABYTES NETWORK.

Planning to have your own website? Need a higher performance server? Or still headache of how to build up your business through web? Here's the information might lead you to the right way.

Exabytes is a Web Hosting Company that gained the Highest Ranking in the Web Hosting Industry in Malaysia. Here's the Reason WHY WE CHOOSE EXABYTES.

1)PROFESSIONAL 24x7x365 Technical Support
  Their immediate service maintenance is the reason that you might consider when you're ready for your new business.

2) 99.9% GUARANTEE of Server Uptime & Network Uptime
Testing and Development in details make Exabytes Reliable.

3)LOWEST Price to Register a Domain
What are you still waiting for? 

4)FREEBIES Giveaway
Craving for free gifts while enjoying the Valuable Services? Choose Exabytes!

Last but not least,
Visit Exabytes for more information and promotions!

(The comics above are strictly not used for commercial purposed, just for personal illustrations.) :D

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 21st To Usasa :3


Yes, I am Officially No Longer Pok Pok Chui. T_______T


Friday, May 6, 2011


Usasa Comic: Small Thing is Cute, But not Everything.

Ekhem, You can Only Read/See the below Article If You are 18 Years Old and Above. :P

Girls Famous Quote/Pattern When they saw Something : "Awwwwww, So cute !!!!!"(In fact the doll/thing is so damn ugly = =)

Obviously, I am One of Them. HAHAHAHAHAA (Shhhhh~)

But, Certain Thing That Girls will not going to Scream like hell when It is SMALL aka CUTE. 

See My Comic Below then You will Know What I meant.


Is That Cute Enough to You ? :D

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Ugliest Cat Ever aka Bathing Cat

Usasa Gossip: My Ugly Cat .

Let me introduce you The most Guailan and Ugliest Cat ever, Obui. 
(His Guailaness has covered all His cuteness. = =)

Don't Get Fool by His Innocent Face because This is one of his Tactic to get Food.

Here comes the Ugliest Cat Photo of Him.



Who want this Cat? Currently LELONG-ing~  


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Usasa Illustration Website

My Website Assignment

At last I have My Own Website! SCREAM !!! xD

This is my Assignment of my Parttime Website Course. I can't deny that it's fun when you first communicate with those coding,html,php because they are so NEW to me.  I am somehow in love with it :)

But, Who want to sponsor me a ''Usasa'' domain? T________T

Hope you guys will "give me face" to view it lar cause I am still super NEWBIE aka SINKA in web~ x) 
Here are some screenshots, enjoy~
Graphic Illustration Website

Click " Usasa Website " to visit my Website :)

(You can fill in the form in "contact me" if you want because I have added php code inside so they are workable at last :P)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Day Easter Egg 2011

Usasa Art: Happy Easter 2011

Click the image to Enlarge for Better View~:)

I enjoy my Easter Day every year because my church will give out a lot of "Red Eggs" due to this Celebration. 

And I have my record of finished up 6 eggs per day after I got those "Ang Keh Nui(red eggs in hokkien)" because I am an Egg Lover. hehe, SLURRPP~

2011 Easter Day will fall on 24th of April (Sunday) .

Usasa Wish You Guys have a FunEgg Day! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don't Speak Bird Language !

Usasa Art: Bird Language? Ignore It.


Have your ever Pissed Off when Talking to Certain Alien? OF COURSE YOU HAVE RIGHT?

In our life, we will definately meet Someone That Totally Drive You Nuts and you just can't do anything to help except Listen To Those Bird Language. Yes, it happens all the time.

I need to declare that this bird language is not pointing to those useful advice of course. For that case, We still need to be humble and listen to those that have certain experiences and their advices and thoughts are really benefit for us.

What I meant here is, "Bird Language". 

Yea Right, whoever faces that pop out in your mind right now when I mention about "Bird Language" , Yes That's It. 

That's The Person Who Keep Talking Bird Language. 
For God Sake, Ignore It if They let you feel Uncomfortable and Annoyed You. 

That's How Life Moves On. Right? Cheers People. :) 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Charlie Brown Cafe StraitsQuay, Penang

Usasa Gossip: Charlie Brown aka The Snoopy Cafe in Penang, Malaysia

Most of the People will say this when I mention about Charlie Brown, "Who The Hell is That?"
But Most of the People will scream, "OHHHHHHHH!!" when I told them it is actually Snoopy Family larrrr.  LOL

At last Charlie Brown Cafe has officially opened at StraitsQuay, Penang on 9th of April.

I admit that I am the one who "BEH HU BEH HU" wanna go see snoopy lar kay? Hehe, because I am fan of snoopy when I was a kid. :)haha, So I pay a visit on the 2nd day after their officially opened.

Okay, Yes, we Squeeze like "sardins" in the cafe as I knew it earlier. (The Judgment of BEH HU BEH HU = =)

For the Food, Okay, I recommend their Spaghetti Bolognese MUCH MUCH more than their Nasi Lemak.  (Opssss! Get what I mean? xD)

and For the Sampatness of me, I have ordered the Woodstock Vanila Latte just to see the face of Woodstock(The girl face on top of the cup)! :p

 These are the gift to apologize for their late services. ( We have waited for 45 minutes for the food! ekhem) But, okay larr. The Tissue Box so cute.

Charlie_Brown_Cafe_Tissue Box_Penang

Snoopy Get Shock of my BIG ASS! LOL

Conclusion, The decorations are worth for all Girls lar kay? Have your high-tea there and enjoy Bitch Life Girls! :) 

For boys, Just go there ''KAP LUI'' + "WASH EYES" will be alright :P

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Usasa Comic: Wisdom Teeth Is Killing Me !

I have been suffering from the growth of my wisdom teeth (right-down-teeth) for almost two weeks and I feel like wanna Remove my Whole DAMN Mouth Right Now!!

I hate to see Dentist. That's Why I drag my pain for so long. 
But..At last, Tomorrow I still have to force myself to see the Dentist. 
Yearh, Great . = =

I seriously pray that I don't need to remove it because I seriously scare of the knife, machine, the horrible face of dentist, bla bla bla..and of course the Painfulness !!!! (Perhaps the doctor would just give me some injection to stop the pain or some useful med will do?) T________________T

For those who haven't grow your wisdom teeth, hek hek hekk~ Beware!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA !THE NEXT ONE WILL BE YOU! WAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Ekhem, by the way, Usasa have a Song to intro to You Guys. 
The song that I will listen every night before I sleep recently. Just LOORRRVEEEE it . Enjoy~

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Japan Fukushima 50, Salute!

Usasa Comic: Salute to Fukushima50!
Salute for Fukushima 50

The Tsunami Happened in Japan is currently the Hottest topic right now.
FUKUSHIMA 50 - those employees who volunteered to remain on-site to repair and observe  the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and hope to stop the radioactive things and disaster happened. 
Short form = 敢死队。

A 27-year-old woman whose Twitter name is NamicoAoto is one of the volunteer's daughter.

"I fought back tears when I heard that my father, who is to retire in six months, had volunteered," NamicoAoto wrote.
"At home, he doesn't seem like someone who could handle big jobs …but today, I was really proud of him," she wrote. "I pray for his safe return."

Experts predict that,these 50 people have work for a long time in conditions of strong radiation, which 70% of the staffs may be DEAD WITHIN 2 WEEKS. Hopefully NamicoAoto wish, her father can come back safely will come true.

Seriously, we really need to show our top respect to those volunteers lor. They are really brave and use their life to protect their own land.  May God bless all of them :)


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day E-Card

Love is Weird .

Click to enlarge
It still Left 1 hour to end up this Valentine's Day, No matter you are Single or In a sweet relationship, Usasa wish you Happy Valentine's Day with lots of Love. :)

Enjoy, People!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to Choose Your Mr.Right?

Usasa Comic: How to Choose Your Mr.Right?

How to Choose Your Mr.Right

 (Click to Enlarge for Clearer View)

Girls, That's my tips for you guys to find Your Mr.Right in Year 2011 :D

and When you found it with my tips, Please Give Credit to Me by *Like* my post ! LOL

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 Bloggers!!

Happy Usasa Year 2011

Click For Larger View :D

Sincerely From,
Usasa :3

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Innocent Bitchy, Stop it.

Usasa Comic: Act Innocent is Sick and Bitchy

Innocent is Sick (Click to Enlarge)
Firstly, I would like to Declare that this Post is not suitable for "Real Kids" which is among 1 - 16 years old Kiddo because You Guys are probably the "Real Innocent Creatures" who should Fully Enjoying your Innocent Life right now. (No Offence for Old Creatures (Korkor & Jie Jie) Like Me :P)

Please Do me a Favor, CLICK (ZOOM) to ENLARGE MY COMIC Above so that you can Fully Read The Dialogs between these two "Innocent" Bunnies. :3

1) First type of Evil Innocent People is, They Act Innocent when They actually KNEW EVERYTHING.

Sometimes They are Just so Evil, they probably just want you to tell out everything then SHOOT you after you finish your Speech with what they knew earlier. = =. The reason for doing this is, THEY SEOK.
That's the way these People Get Attention by Letting you Down but it's really Failed in Social Issue lor.

2) The other type of Evil Innocent People is, They Use Innocent Tactic to GET BENEFITS.

Firstly, They get closed to you and express how Innocent They are until you have Trusted so much towards these type of "fake innocent sheep" and Expose every Secrets to Them. Day by day, You will know they are actually "Wolves that covering Sheeps' Skin". Pathetic isn't it? You have Trusted the Wrong Person.

No matter which type of Fake Innocent People you met in your life, Please remember, Do Act like an Adult but not 3-year-old, because It's Fake and Bitchy :P

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Lucky Man Sneeze Out the Bullet

Usasa Gossip: Ha-Chiu! Can Save Your Life

The 2nd Post that I posted which related to Gun again xD ( If you haven't read my 1st post about Gun, please visit http://usasa-graphic-art.blogspot.com/2011/01/oklahoma-sex-game-tragedy.html) :P

Tuesday January 11,2011, Naples, Italy

A Luckiest Italian Man Ever,Darco Sangermano 28-year-old who Celebrated his New Year Eve in City of Naples  with his beloved gf and got HEADSHOT.  
Surprisingly, the reason he is still alive right now is because He had HA-CHIU out the Bullet. Amazing.

"He was a very lucky man, he could have been killed," Dr. Sid Berrone said. "The Bullet went Through his Temple, behind his Eye, entered the Nasal Cavity and then became Lodged in his Nostril before he Sneezed it out."

Haha, When God doesn't want you to Die now, It means Real. Believe that, Everything has been Planned. 

Perhaps You are the one who will ''Poo'' out a Bullet Someday? Then there's another Miracle again. :P HAHAHA

HA-CHIU! can Save Your Life. So Telling ''God Bless You'' to someone that just HA-CHIU seriously Make Sense! xP

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Truth of Human Being, Selfishness

Usasa Comic: Selfishness Looks Sucks, But Everyone still Loving It.

Selfishness (Click to Enlarge)

99/100 Percents of Human Beings are "Sell fish". ( You are not? Okay, You are Animal then :P)

From the day we were born, We started to become Evil,Selfish.

The day when You were 1, You don't want Daddy to share Breast Milk with you. :P

The day when You were 10, You don't Share your dolls/cars with your siblings/friends, you even Stole others.

The day when you were 20, You don't share your BF/GF with your BFFs. ( OF COURSE xD) 

People just hate Selfish People, but what you can't Deny is, You are the same type of person that others hate too. (When the time your selfishness started to grow. ) 

Don't Tend to Ignore your Selfishness because It somehow Leads to Disaster.

Accept the Fact that Selfish People are All Around You, but We Still have to Learn not to be so Selfish. (Indeed, People will love you more.) :)


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sexual Abuse in Penang Orphanage Home

Usasa Gossip: Sexual Abuse between Teachers and The Orphans

St.Joseph's Home_Sexual Abuse

Tuesday January 11,2011, Penang, Malaysia

A business woman,41-year-old, Ms Lim reported that St.Joseph's Orphanage Home in Penang outbreaks that the Directors, Volunteer Teachers and Staffs of St.Joseph's Home are Long-Term Forcing and Lying to the Orphans by Sexual Abuse, Rape and Sodomy (鸡奸) them.

At the same time, Those Naive Orphans did not know about the sexual abuses, so they started to Learn to Rape and Sodomy their Companion Friends (the other orphans) as they thought that it is just a Game. They even have Group Sex Game together.

The Media Kaypo-ing and Waiting outside of St.Joseph's Home
Police are still investigating this case and if the case is convicted, they could be sentenced up to 30 years imprisonment.

Things always happened Ridiculously. Kids are naive and this is just too cruel for Them :( Perhaps after the investigation, this is just a mistake, better than it's true.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do you Believe in 2012 Doomsday?

Usasa Comic: What Will You Do before 2012 DoomsDay?

2012 Doomsday (Click to Enlarge)

Most Mayan code analysts believed that the date of End of the World translates to December 21, 2012. What do you think?

For me, what I can't deny is, The "2012 Movie" is a Legend, because it leads EVERYONE started to gossip about the Topic of ''2012 Doomsday, End of the World''.  When the whole world starts to talk about this, then it become a Trend.

Okay. Let's predict that Doomsday 2012 is true. That means we still have ONE year plus to live in this wonderful world, What will you do for your Last Year? :P

I would definately be the one who rob all of LV, GUCCI, CHANEL BAGS and ACCESSORIES and ACT LIKE A RICH BITCH for the WHOLE YEAR xD hahahahahahahahaha (aiyo,Jokin lar :P)

Please don't believe that 2012 Doomsday is True until you can Shake Leg at home all day long for the reason ''You are Going to Die Soon'' , kay?

People can't Foresee the future, that's why there's so many Rumor about 2012.
Who knows that Doomsday might be just a JOKE? or just a tactic to promote the 2012 Movie? :P

Whether you believe something will happen on December 21, 2012 or not, Please believe that you still have a Lot of Things that you haven't Fulfill and Please do all your best to Fulfill it NOW to avoid any Regrets!! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

That's Hurt!

Usasa Comic: Deeply Hurt, Deeply Remembered.

CheerUp! (Click for better view)

Sometimes, Life is Misery. Spiteful Words are all around You but the only Thing that You can do is, be Hard-Hearted enough and Get Over It.

 Please never ever hurt the others as when you knew how bad is the feeling of being hurt. The one you help, They wont remember it, but the one you hurt, They won't ever forget it.

There's a quote from Jane Fonda, "When you can't Remember why You're hurt, that's When you're Healed."

Get Over the Pain, Cheer Up People ! :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is Nokia 3310 still Familiar to You?

Usasa Comic: Iphone in 2011 equals to Nokia3310 in 2001

Nokia3310 is an Antique (Click for clearer wording)

Handsome and Pretty, Is this phone looks familiar to you guys? (= = OF COURSE)
Iphone 4g in White ( I prefer White one :3)

How about this one?
The Best Phone ever

In fact, These are two of very popular phones that leading the Trend. But somehow, just over a decade, Nokia 3310 was replaced by Iphone.

(Don't you guys still remember how ''hot'' Nokia 3310 was last time?)

I was wondering, after a decade which means in year 2021, Which phone will going to replace our IPhone? ( Perhaps Usasa Phone?):P Muahahahaha

Please Don't misunderstand that I encourage you guys to use back Nokia3310 xD

I Just want to share with you guys,
Don't learn the attitude of, Love the New and Loathe the Old.    

( I'm learning too >w<)

Sometimes, the old one could be the better one :D

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Saw VII Screen Play (18SG)

Usasa Gossip : The Saw 7 PrintScreen Preview

The Saw VII in 3D

Yesterday I just watched a superb nice movie, I believe some of you have watched it since it released quite a long time. Honestly, I'm The Saw Fans. Kekekeke. :P

For the reason I live in Malaysia, a "Wonderful" Country ever, I can't watch it in 3D. Ha-Ha-Ha. ( I guess The Saw in 3D will never ever available for Malaysia GSC? = =)

But For those who havent watch it, you can PM me for the movie. :)

I got it in AVI video file.
You can choose whether you want 700MB or 4GB video size. (It depends on how clear you want to see those bloody thingy x3 )

Here are some of the Screen that I have printed for those who haven't watch it. ( It tooks me 1 hour to printscreen kay >< MUST WATCH!!! :P) Enjoy :D Please Enlarge each of the photos x) Hehehe

Screen 1 (Outdoor)
Enlarge for clearer bloody View xD ( Hot Asian Girl :P)

Screen 2 (Indoor)
Enlarge for clearer bloody View xD

Screen 3 (Ending)
Enlarge for clearer bloody View xD

Of course this is just part of it, Please watch the movie if you are interested :D ( Infact, I couldn't stand anymore to keep rewind those bloody screen for printscreen, Feel like throwing out = = )

So, Movie that Usasa recommend lately: The Saw 7 :) 
Watch it now !

Monday, January 3, 2011

Designer Job Scope

Designer's Job Scope : Transform Shit into Diamond

I'm a Facqynn Desynor (Enlarge for clearer view)
 Designer always looks "Awesome" for certain type of people, they feel that we looks very easy to complete a task. (" You JUST need to draw, then you can earn money, aren't you?")  
There's something you don't know about designer.

For instance :

Client: Hey, I pay you Rm50, please settle this namecard for me. I've done this namecard but I JUST need you to make it more "outstanding".

So, we did it, as the client said, make it more "outstanding".

Client replied: Hey, This is not the one i am looking for, please change it for me again.

Okay, this time we make it from "shit into better shit".

Client replied : Ya, This looks better, but it still lack of something. ( Oh yea, Client always thought that we can read their mind without any clue = =)

So after 10 TIMES of changing, we makes that namecard from "better shit into Gold and into Platinum".


After 20 TIMES of changing, we transform that namecard from "Platinum into Diamond". 

AT LAST, the client replied: This namecard looks just fine for me.(without any Great or Bravo kind of praise or commend) Thanks.

The main point is, for 20 TIMES of changing of the design, We get Rm50.


Yeah, That's Designer's Job Scope, Transform Shit into Diamond, Agree? :)