Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Lucky Man Sneeze Out the Bullet

Usasa Gossip: Ha-Chiu! Can Save Your Life

The 2nd Post that I posted which related to Gun again xD ( If you haven't read my 1st post about Gun, please visit :P

Tuesday January 11,2011, Naples, Italy

A Luckiest Italian Man Ever,Darco Sangermano 28-year-old who Celebrated his New Year Eve in City of Naples  with his beloved gf and got HEADSHOT.  
Surprisingly, the reason he is still alive right now is because He had HA-CHIU out the Bullet. Amazing.

"He was a very lucky man, he could have been killed," Dr. Sid Berrone said. "The Bullet went Through his Temple, behind his Eye, entered the Nasal Cavity and then became Lodged in his Nostril before he Sneezed it out."

Haha, When God doesn't want you to Die now, It means Real. Believe that, Everything has been Planned. 

Perhaps You are the one who will ''Poo'' out a Bullet Someday? Then there's another Miracle again. :P HAHAHA

HA-CHIU! can Save Your Life. So Telling ''God Bless You'' to someone that just HA-CHIU seriously Make Sense! xP


  1. From Zero to Hero! From "Ha-Chiu" to "Save-You"! ≧▽≦

  2. Waahh, Sam,I feel Touched lor. Because you viewed my blog~~ xDD *Happy* I thought no one likes this post :( ~ At least you still commented.. Let me feel Released :P hehe~ Xie xie ni xD

  3. Bu yong ke qi! We all love art, should support each other lah! (◠‿◠✿)