Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Innocent Bitchy, Stop it.

Usasa Comic: Act Innocent is Sick and Bitchy

Innocent is Sick (Click to Enlarge)
Firstly, I would like to Declare that this Post is not suitable for "Real Kids" which is among 1 - 16 years old Kiddo because You Guys are probably the "Real Innocent Creatures" who should Fully Enjoying your Innocent Life right now. (No Offence for Old Creatures (Korkor & Jie Jie) Like Me :P)

Please Do me a Favor, CLICK (ZOOM) to ENLARGE MY COMIC Above so that you can Fully Read The Dialogs between these two "Innocent" Bunnies. :3

1) First type of Evil Innocent People is, They Act Innocent when They actually KNEW EVERYTHING.

Sometimes They are Just so Evil, they probably just want you to tell out everything then SHOOT you after you finish your Speech with what they knew earlier. = =. The reason for doing this is, THEY SEOK.
That's the way these People Get Attention by Letting you Down but it's really Failed in Social Issue lor.

2) The other type of Evil Innocent People is, They Use Innocent Tactic to GET BENEFITS.

Firstly, They get closed to you and express how Innocent They are until you have Trusted so much towards these type of "fake innocent sheep" and Expose every Secrets to Them. Day by day, You will know they are actually "Wolves that covering Sheeps' Skin". Pathetic isn't it? You have Trusted the Wrong Person.

No matter which type of Fake Innocent People you met in your life, Please remember, Do Act like an Adult but not 3-year-old, because It's Fake and Bitchy :P

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