Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holes Inside .

Usasa Feeling: Holes Inside .

Holes Inside_Usasa
After So Long, I still love this song so much. It speaks everything :')

Good Night Bunniess :)


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Horny Rabbit_Usasa Animation!

Usasa Art: Horny Usasa ! *SHY*

It's been yearsssss(2months) I dint blog!!!! (due to lazyness of course><)

An animation was done by me for like...few months ago i guess? Trying out with photoshop animation and it ends up like this. Haha!

*Seriously I need to note that this Horny Usasa Buneey stands alone okay? This doesn't link with me because I am not Horny enough ! WAHAHA :P 

Just an animation made for fun! Hope you all like it :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

What's Up Hazy Penang !

Usasa Art: The Haziness of Penang

hazy penang malaysia
Hazy Penang Malaysia

If You don't know what am I talking about, Means That you are not Penang Lang.

If You are Penang Lang but still catch no ball, Means You have to wash your sins already. LOL

Today is a very serious hazy day in Penang. I was really shocked when the time I walked out and get ready to work. It's like, WHO THE HELL IS BURNING SOMETHING FROM NO WHERE?!!

Everyone is feeling sick with this weather.

So, Guys, Thank God for Giving us a clean air instead of THIS everyday. AMEN. LOL! 

Monday, July 4, 2011


Usasa Art: FUCKYOU~

( I apologize for dead from my blog for so long T___T)
Have a Great Night People! XOXO 
Hope You like it :)


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Macarons in Penang, Ritz Cakes & Pastries

 Usasa Gossip: Macarons In Penang,Malaysia

Girls, At last I have found someone selling MACARONS in Penang!!!! ( I knew I am abit Outdated, by the way, Thanks to Missy Joc for the recommendation :P)

Shh,let me tell you some gossip. :P
There's a coffee house in Penang,label that they have macarons but I've went there several times but end up nothing with the excuses of they are still preparing. =.= ( I am not suppose to talk bad things behind people :X)

So, Here's the place that available cute macarons. Tada~~
RITZ CAKES & PASTRIES (Click to visit their website)

Okay, Photos are more valuable than crap :P

As you can see the photo above, the long box of macarons cost Rm15 @ Ritz Cakes & Pastries.

I am so In Love with the yellow one, because the color is so adorable!!!!!!!!! It's just like a Toy :3

Here comes the cute coco, like a small burger. HAHA
If you ask me how's the taste?
I will answer you that, I don't really care about the taste, I just wanna eat it ! HAHAHAHA  xD
 Okay lar,seriously, taste not bad :) as my boy love it too for his first bite. But I think you can't eat too much at a same time because it's quite sweet. It's perfect if it comes together with coffee, but I can't drink coffee so I eat it with H2o ~Hehe

I done some research before I went there and I found out that Ritz Cakes & Pastries is famous with his Green Tea Cake as well. Tada~

Personally I felt it's Okay because I am not really so into Green Tea. If you are green tea lover, You may give it a try :)

So Boys, Please get your ass ready to buy some macarons for your girl and I bet she will give you a HUGE hug and Kisses :P

Girls, What are you waiting for? Hehe

 Ritz Cakes & Pastries
Address: 98-G-23, Prima Tanjung, 
Jalan Fettes, 11200 Penang, Malaysia 
(Opposite Island Plaza)

Contact: 04-8991254


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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Last but not least,
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(The comics above are strictly not used for commercial purposed, just for personal illustrations.) :D

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 21st To Usasa :3


Yes, I am Officially No Longer Pok Pok Chui. T_______T