Friday, January 14, 2011

The Truth of Human Being, Selfishness

Usasa Comic: Selfishness Looks Sucks, But Everyone still Loving It.

Selfishness (Click to Enlarge)

99/100 Percents of Human Beings are "Sell fish". ( You are not? Okay, You are Animal then :P)

From the day we were born, We started to become Evil,Selfish.

The day when You were 1, You don't want Daddy to share Breast Milk with you. :P

The day when You were 10, You don't Share your dolls/cars with your siblings/friends, you even Stole others.

The day when you were 20, You don't share your BF/GF with your BFFs. ( OF COURSE xD) 

People just hate Selfish People, but what you can't Deny is, You are the same type of person that others hate too. (When the time your selfishness started to grow. ) 

Don't Tend to Ignore your Selfishness because It somehow Leads to Disaster.

Accept the Fact that Selfish People are All Around You, but We Still have to Learn not to be so Selfish. (Indeed, People will love you more.) :)


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