Sunday, May 29, 2011

Macarons in Penang, Ritz Cakes & Pastries

 Usasa Gossip: Macarons In Penang,Malaysia

Girls, At last I have found someone selling MACARONS in Penang!!!! ( I knew I am abit Outdated, by the way, Thanks to Missy Joc for the recommendation :P)

Shh,let me tell you some gossip. :P
There's a coffee house in Penang,label that they have macarons but I've went there several times but end up nothing with the excuses of they are still preparing. =.= ( I am not suppose to talk bad things behind people :X)

So, Here's the place that available cute macarons. Tada~~
RITZ CAKES & PASTRIES (Click to visit their website)

Okay, Photos are more valuable than crap :P

As you can see the photo above, the long box of macarons cost Rm15 @ Ritz Cakes & Pastries.

I am so In Love with the yellow one, because the color is so adorable!!!!!!!!! It's just like a Toy :3

Here comes the cute coco, like a small burger. HAHA
If you ask me how's the taste?
I will answer you that, I don't really care about the taste, I just wanna eat it ! HAHAHAHA  xD
 Okay lar,seriously, taste not bad :) as my boy love it too for his first bite. But I think you can't eat too much at a same time because it's quite sweet. It's perfect if it comes together with coffee, but I can't drink coffee so I eat it with H2o ~Hehe

I done some research before I went there and I found out that Ritz Cakes & Pastries is famous with his Green Tea Cake as well. Tada~

Personally I felt it's Okay because I am not really so into Green Tea. If you are green tea lover, You may give it a try :)

So Boys, Please get your ass ready to buy some macarons for your girl and I bet she will give you a HUGE hug and Kisses :P

Girls, What are you waiting for? Hehe

 Ritz Cakes & Pastries
Address: 98-G-23, Prima Tanjung, 
Jalan Fettes, 11200 Penang, Malaysia 
(Opposite Island Plaza)

Contact: 04-8991254



  1. yaya i ate before so nice ,got alot favor .

  2. i've been tried macaroon~>< it was sooo sweet~btw, da colors make us felt sweet from da heart as well~nice 1~^^

  3. at FourSeasons, Strait Quay got selling macarons..And it cost me lots of money!!!