Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is Nokia 3310 still Familiar to You?

Usasa Comic: Iphone in 2011 equals to Nokia3310 in 2001

Nokia3310 is an Antique (Click for clearer wording)

Handsome and Pretty, Is this phone looks familiar to you guys? (= = OF COURSE)
Iphone 4g in White ( I prefer White one :3)

How about this one?
The Best Phone ever

In fact, These are two of very popular phones that leading the Trend. But somehow, just over a decade, Nokia 3310 was replaced by Iphone.

(Don't you guys still remember how ''hot'' Nokia 3310 was last time?)

I was wondering, after a decade which means in year 2021, Which phone will going to replace our IPhone? ( Perhaps Usasa Phone?):P Muahahahaha

Please Don't misunderstand that I encourage you guys to use back Nokia3310 xD

I Just want to share with you guys,
Don't learn the attitude of, Love the New and Loathe the Old.    

( I'm learning too >w<)

Sometimes, the old one could be the better one :D


  1. Yeah! Nokia 3310 really a great cellphone! Perhaps I will use my Nokia 3310 till now, if my father didn't broke it! Haha~ XD

  2. hahahah~~
    姜还是老的辣!嘻嘻~ :D