Thursday, April 28, 2011

Usasa Illustration Website

My Website Assignment

At last I have My Own Website! SCREAM !!! xD

This is my Assignment of my Parttime Website Course. I can't deny that it's fun when you first communicate with those coding,html,php because they are so NEW to me.  I am somehow in love with it :)

But, Who want to sponsor me a ''Usasa'' domain? T________T

Hope you guys will "give me face" to view it lar cause I am still super NEWBIE aka SINKA in web~ x) 
Here are some screenshots, enjoy~
Graphic Illustration Website

Click " Usasa Website " to visit my Website :)

(You can fill in the form in "contact me" if you want because I have added php code inside so they are workable at last :P)


  1. Sweet web design! Really a big leap for the newbie like you! But there still some detail part can be improved. Just like the background texture are a bit off with the Flash header background texture, the footer graphic image in the "Contact ME" page must be stick to the bottom, and not floating up! And I'm not sure why some of the images are in png format, and some are in gif format (3 button images at "Contact ME" page), this is really not so consistance to do like that lah! This is some of my opinion, hope you don't mind! Sure you can done sooner the better! Gambateh! \(^o^)/

  2. yea~ alot of things need to improved T_______T
    due to the deadline is seriously rush, so some of the mistakes I just ignore it >__< aikss.Glad that you view it :) Thanks for your comments I appreciate that :D

  3. wao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!