Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sexual Abuse in Penang Orphanage Home

Usasa Gossip: Sexual Abuse between Teachers and The Orphans

St.Joseph's Home_Sexual Abuse

Tuesday January 11,2011, Penang, Malaysia

A business woman,41-year-old, Ms Lim reported that St.Joseph's Orphanage Home in Penang outbreaks that the Directors, Volunteer Teachers and Staffs of St.Joseph's Home are Long-Term Forcing and Lying to the Orphans by Sexual Abuse, Rape and Sodomy (鸡奸) them.

At the same time, Those Naive Orphans did not know about the sexual abuses, so they started to Learn to Rape and Sodomy their Companion Friends (the other orphans) as they thought that it is just a Game. They even have Group Sex Game together.

The Media Kaypo-ing and Waiting outside of St.Joseph's Home
Police are still investigating this case and if the case is convicted, they could be sentenced up to 30 years imprisonment.

Things always happened Ridiculously. Kids are naive and this is just too cruel for Them :( Perhaps after the investigation, this is just a mistake, better than it's true.

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  1. sad to learn this & hope this is not true incident. somebody please dig the true out before accusing anyone innocently.