Thursday, April 28, 2011

Usasa Illustration Website

My Website Assignment

At last I have My Own Website! SCREAM !!! xD

This is my Assignment of my Parttime Website Course. I can't deny that it's fun when you first communicate with those coding,html,php because they are so NEW to me.  I am somehow in love with it :)

But, Who want to sponsor me a ''Usasa'' domain? T________T

Hope you guys will "give me face" to view it lar cause I am still super NEWBIE aka SINKA in web~ x) 
Here are some screenshots, enjoy~
Graphic Illustration Website

Click " Usasa Website " to visit my Website :)

(You can fill in the form in "contact me" if you want because I have added php code inside so they are workable at last :P)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Day Easter Egg 2011

Usasa Art: Happy Easter 2011

Click the image to Enlarge for Better View~:)

I enjoy my Easter Day every year because my church will give out a lot of "Red Eggs" due to this Celebration. 

And I have my record of finished up 6 eggs per day after I got those "Ang Keh Nui(red eggs in hokkien)" because I am an Egg Lover. hehe, SLURRPP~

2011 Easter Day will fall on 24th of April (Sunday) .

Usasa Wish You Guys have a FunEgg Day! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don't Speak Bird Language !

Usasa Art: Bird Language? Ignore It.


Have your ever Pissed Off when Talking to Certain Alien? OF COURSE YOU HAVE RIGHT?

In our life, we will definately meet Someone That Totally Drive You Nuts and you just can't do anything to help except Listen To Those Bird Language. Yes, it happens all the time.

I need to declare that this bird language is not pointing to those useful advice of course. For that case, We still need to be humble and listen to those that have certain experiences and their advices and thoughts are really benefit for us.

What I meant here is, "Bird Language". 

Yea Right, whoever faces that pop out in your mind right now when I mention about "Bird Language" , Yes That's It. 

That's The Person Who Keep Talking Bird Language. 
For God Sake, Ignore It if They let you feel Uncomfortable and Annoyed You. 

That's How Life Moves On. Right? Cheers People. :) 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Charlie Brown Cafe StraitsQuay, Penang

Usasa Gossip: Charlie Brown aka The Snoopy Cafe in Penang, Malaysia

Most of the People will say this when I mention about Charlie Brown, "Who The Hell is That?"
But Most of the People will scream, "OHHHHHHHH!!" when I told them it is actually Snoopy Family larrrr.  LOL

At last Charlie Brown Cafe has officially opened at StraitsQuay, Penang on 9th of April.

I admit that I am the one who "BEH HU BEH HU" wanna go see snoopy lar kay? Hehe, because I am fan of snoopy when I was a kid. :)haha, So I pay a visit on the 2nd day after their officially opened.

Okay, Yes, we Squeeze like "sardins" in the cafe as I knew it earlier. (The Judgment of BEH HU BEH HU = =)

For the Food, Okay, I recommend their Spaghetti Bolognese MUCH MUCH more than their Nasi Lemak.  (Opssss! Get what I mean? xD)

and For the Sampatness of me, I have ordered the Woodstock Vanila Latte just to see the face of Woodstock(The girl face on top of the cup)! :p

 These are the gift to apologize for their late services. ( We have waited for 45 minutes for the food! ekhem) But, okay larr. The Tissue Box so cute.

Charlie_Brown_Cafe_Tissue Box_Penang

Snoopy Get Shock of my BIG ASS! LOL

Conclusion, The decorations are worth for all Girls lar kay? Have your high-tea there and enjoy Bitch Life Girls! :) 

For boys, Just go there ''KAP LUI'' + "WASH EYES" will be alright :P