Monday, April 11, 2011

Charlie Brown Cafe StraitsQuay, Penang

Usasa Gossip: Charlie Brown aka The Snoopy Cafe in Penang, Malaysia

Most of the People will say this when I mention about Charlie Brown, "Who The Hell is That?"
But Most of the People will scream, "OHHHHHHHH!!" when I told them it is actually Snoopy Family larrrr.  LOL

At last Charlie Brown Cafe has officially opened at StraitsQuay, Penang on 9th of April.

I admit that I am the one who "BEH HU BEH HU" wanna go see snoopy lar kay? Hehe, because I am fan of snoopy when I was a kid. :)haha, So I pay a visit on the 2nd day after their officially opened.

Okay, Yes, we Squeeze like "sardins" in the cafe as I knew it earlier. (The Judgment of BEH HU BEH HU = =)

For the Food, Okay, I recommend their Spaghetti Bolognese MUCH MUCH more than their Nasi Lemak.  (Opssss! Get what I mean? xD)

and For the Sampatness of me, I have ordered the Woodstock Vanila Latte just to see the face of Woodstock(The girl face on top of the cup)! :p

 These are the gift to apologize for their late services. ( We have waited for 45 minutes for the food! ekhem) But, okay larr. The Tissue Box so cute.

Charlie_Brown_Cafe_Tissue Box_Penang

Snoopy Get Shock of my BIG ASS! LOL

Conclusion, The decorations are worth for all Girls lar kay? Have your high-tea there and enjoy Bitch Life Girls! :) 

For boys, Just go there ''KAP LUI'' + "WASH EYES" will be alright :P


  1. U go thr Have your high-tea there and enjoy Bitch Life Girls! :) ...Bitch.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, u know me well!! xD

  3. The Woodstock Vanilla Latte didn't come with Woodstock's face... were you disappointed?

    The Princess Diaries - Cheryl's Travels

    So you're a fan of Snoopy too.. Wanna have a Snoopy fans gathering? =)

  4. Cheryl, haha yes I was disappointed for that seriously! XD
    awww, I have visited your snoopy blog post :)
    you are fans of Snoopy too? LOL, let's have some gathering together :P

  5. haha, sure! :) gimme your facebook acc? perhaps I can add you and we know each other well there? :D