Thursday, January 6, 2011

That's Hurt!

Usasa Comic: Deeply Hurt, Deeply Remembered.

CheerUp! (Click for better view)

Sometimes, Life is Misery. Spiteful Words are all around You but the only Thing that You can do is, be Hard-Hearted enough and Get Over It.

 Please never ever hurt the others as when you knew how bad is the feeling of being hurt. The one you help, They wont remember it, but the one you hurt, They won't ever forget it.

There's a quote from Jane Fonda, "When you can't Remember why You're hurt, that's When you're Healed."

Get Over the Pain, Cheer Up People ! :)


  1. i like drawing but also the word u say, meaningful ~~~~ thumb up again and again!

  2. sometimes is because you had been get hurt for too many times until you get numb towards the pain!!! that will be the time that you do not know what is the feeling of hurt and what is the feeling of pain!!!!