Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Usasa Comic: Wisdom Teeth Is Killing Me !

I have been suffering from the growth of my wisdom teeth (right-down-teeth) for almost two weeks and I feel like wanna Remove my Whole DAMN Mouth Right Now!!

I hate to see Dentist. That's Why I drag my pain for so long. 
But..At last, Tomorrow I still have to force myself to see the Dentist. 
Yearh, Great . = =

I seriously pray that I don't need to remove it because I seriously scare of the knife, machine, the horrible face of dentist, bla bla bla..and of course the Painfulness !!!! (Perhaps the doctor would just give me some injection to stop the pain or some useful med will do?) T________________T

For those who haven't grow your wisdom teeth, hek hek hekk~ Beware!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA !THE NEXT ONE WILL BE YOU! WAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Ekhem, by the way, Usasa have a Song to intro to You Guys. 
The song that I will listen every night before I sleep recently. Just LOORRRVEEEE it . Enjoy~


  1. Hope you will be all better soon. Some people get theirs pulled out. So does that means they are less wiser?

  2. hahaha, at last I dint pull it. = =.Doctor gave me medicine and it's better. and now I suffer from the pain until I get used to it already.
    According to Usasa's Logic, ya, those pulled out their wisdom teeth prove that they are less wiser xD LOL

  3. HOW DO YOU DO . . . wisdom teeth

    Argh, owwh ere, mnmm, waaaaorr, ntss, orr, a, a, a, geee, iiioouu, fuufuu, this is often the greeting you give to your new gum piercing wisdom teeth. Welcome to pain, wisdom pending...

    more at http://lifestyleguides.blogspot.com/

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