Monday, January 3, 2011

Designer Job Scope

Designer's Job Scope : Transform Shit into Diamond

I'm a Facqynn Desynor (Enlarge for clearer view)
 Designer always looks "Awesome" for certain type of people, they feel that we looks very easy to complete a task. (" You JUST need to draw, then you can earn money, aren't you?")  
There's something you don't know about designer.

For instance :

Client: Hey, I pay you Rm50, please settle this namecard for me. I've done this namecard but I JUST need you to make it more "outstanding".

So, we did it, as the client said, make it more "outstanding".

Client replied: Hey, This is not the one i am looking for, please change it for me again.

Okay, this time we make it from "shit into better shit".

Client replied : Ya, This looks better, but it still lack of something. ( Oh yea, Client always thought that we can read their mind without any clue = =)

So after 10 TIMES of changing, we makes that namecard from "better shit into Gold and into Platinum".


After 20 TIMES of changing, we transform that namecard from "Platinum into Diamond". 

AT LAST, the client replied: This namecard looks just fine for me.(without any Great or Bravo kind of praise or commend) Thanks.

The main point is, for 20 TIMES of changing of the design, We get Rm50.


Yeah, That's Designer's Job Scope, Transform Shit into Diamond, Agree? :)


  1. 对啊~好可悲 (>___<)全都是为了兴趣,生活,赚钱~ xD